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Curious on HOW to assemble your Panel Frame? 
Simply watch the video below, its as EASY as 1.2.3.

 Need a close up version of HOW to Assemble your Panel Frame?

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 Worried you don't have the supplies to Assemble your own Panel Frame? 

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Click on the staple remover Image below to watch a video on how this tool works   and how easy it makes things when framing your images from Kendall Hartcraft 


Staple Remover




Click on the Panel Frame Image below to watch how to assemble your clients images in your panel frames from Kendall Hartcraft 
(Images courtesy of Maria Moore Photoraphy)
Panel Frames




Fraction to Decimal
1/2"  0.5
1/4"  0.25
1/8"  0.125




5/8" 0.625
7/8" 0.875
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